Welcome Patriots

With many people being frustrated with the current political clime in America today, we are seeing calls and actions among “the Christian right”. From craft store giant Hobby Lobby to internet news source World Net Daily, there are individuals and groups of people who are throwing in the towel and “going John Galt” to borrow Ayn Rand’s catch-phrase. Many people have met their proverbial line in the sand, and it is Obamacare with its overreaching unconstitutional power grabs and the complete disregard for the religious beliefs of employers who do not desire to provide abortive drugs.

To all of you who this is your last straw, I say welcome.

To the individual on a local radio station this morning who called for a general strike because of threatened gun regulation, I say welcome.

Welcome to the resistance of principle and virtue.

My line in the sand was drawn years ago by the “No Child Left Behind Act”. Rather than sending power back to the states, increasing local control, or possibly having a national defense of parents’ educational rights and duties, this act grabbed power from the states, and from parents, and made me realize that traditional politics as usual were never going to amount to a return to sanity in our nation, nor to a realization of constitutional law and order, nor to a promotion of local self-government within our nation.

This was my line in the sand. This republican president who ran on the principles of small government (there were many more betrayals of small government conservatism to come) brought forth landmark educational legislation that not only ignored the need for defense of parental authority in educating their children, but took power from the states, increasing the bureaucracy and decreasing local government.

The lack of self-government in education is the motivator for many of us at ACC to teach small, decentralized educational methods to our students. This is our call and our hill to die on. We will teach parents that it is their responsibility to educate their children. We will teach those in authority who will listen that it is their responsibility to support, never replace the parental and local interest in the education of students, and we will promote choice in contrast to the mandated educational system of a state that has long been building toward a point where thinking Americans can and will stand together and say enough!

So if you are tired of the power grabs, tired of Fast and Furious, tired of Benghazi and other politicizing of our armed forces, tired of the Patriot Act, or tired of the encroachment of our responsibilities as parents by a far overreaching state (this includes states like California where homeschooling is a “privilege” granted by the state), then welcome Patriots.

Let us support one another and join hand in hand to say, enough! We are done being bullied into giving up our God-given responsibilities.

Let us commit to be involved in our children’s education, and together leave the socialist educational system.

Let us commit to support each other in resistance to the trampling of others’ rights.

Let us commit to support the dismantling of big government and a return to constitutional principles of spheres of government.

Welcome Patriots!