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The State of America’s Public School system is in shambles

~Epoch Times

More than any time in our nation’s history, American public schools in the fall of 2021 will operate under the aegis of federally underwritten and exceedingly left-wing programs that minimize education in favor of ideological reprogramming and overt racial discrimination and segregation.

~Epoch Times

Across our beautiful country, students face the stress of high crime, pandemic shutdowns and education that is more political than truthful. The One-Room School Method provides teachers, parents, and churches the tools to take charge of your children’s education.

We are parental education, and you can create your own one-room school to serve your community in 30 days.

These lectures are for you if you:

  •  Have experience with teaching but want to break out of modern industrial education models,
  • Are passionate about raising up your children and your community’s children in the way they should go,
  • Want to have a competitive education model that requires minimal capital to get started,
  • Want to create a pod-type school to avoid mandates, prevent mass-spreader events, or for other reasons.

If you are ready to start a school using The One-Room School Method, enroll below. 


This lecture series is part of Aletheia’s training in The One-Room School Method. If you need more training, are looking for a 4 year teaching certificate, or just want more in depth classes, you can read about the rest of our certification and model schools on The One-Room School Method page.

The lecture series is designed to cover the basics of Marketing, Business, and Finance; Legal Issues and Solutions, and Teaching and Admin in The One-Room School Method.


Marketing and Finance

Legal Issues and Solutions

Teaching and Admin 

In these sessions, you will hear from Dr. Diane Davis, the founder of The One-Room School Method, on how to navigate the fundamentals of starting your one-room school. What legal issues will you face as you prepare to start? What does a multi-level learning environment look like?

Each section is available as an individual course at $150 or all 3 for $300. Access to each individual course will include online resources and worksheets and access to Aletheia’s community of likeminded educators.


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