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Falls City School

A School in Every Church

The One-Room School Method gives churches, teachers, and enterprising parents the tools and resources to create a quality education environment that helps fulfill the Great Commission.

Aletheia offers an online certificate for individuals who already have a Bachelor’s Degree. We offer a 4-Year Diploma for those who want to study The One-Room School Method at Aletheia and do not yet have a college education.

Falls City School

The Church in Every Home

Biblical theology leads to revival. At Aletheia, our students explore truth with a fundamental understanding of the revealed word of God, critically analyzing and applying the Way, Truth, and Life to every aspect of living. 

Aletheia’s students are trained and equipped to practice leadership and godly living in every aspect of life through our Biblical Studies and Ministry Diploma which equips you to glorify God with your life. 

Study With Aletheia

Aletheia students and alumni do more than meet academic standards: you are equipped to be a student, pastor, teacher, entrepreneur, and missionary.

You will be equipped and sent to the mission field, to teach in schools, and to lead in business.

Aletheia alumni have gone on to do Master’s level work, do research in diverse places like Egypt and Indonesia, and lead in churches and schools around the US and the globe. 

Be a Part of Our Team

An educational institution which seeks to fulfill the great commission, the mandate Jesus left us, requires the support of many communities to stay in business and continue educating future generations. 

Whether you want to volunteer, work for Aletheia, pray for our ministries, or donate to worthy causes, we would love to have you join us side by side. 

“Pray the Lord of the Harvest…” 

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About Aletheia

Providing an Alternative to Secular State Education

Our Foundation

Who is Christ? Will I serve Him? These fundamental questions are part of understanding Christianity, biblical fundamentals, and what it means to serve others. 

Our Statement of Faith, Philosophy of Education, and historical methodology is rooted in exploring all of God’s orderly world and equipping our graduates to think and decide for themselves who they will serve. 

Our MIssion

The mission of Aletheia Christian College is to train students from every nation to think critically, to examine God’s word thoroughly, to worship God wholeheartedly, to teach Biblically, to serve the church worldwide, and to proclaim the gospel in word and deed.

Our staff and faculty covenant together to work towards this goal. We believe in freedom of conscience and academic discourse while still holding to fundamentals of community. If you are interested in exploring your faith, the world around you, and how to better serve the world around you, come to Aletheia!

Fundamentals of Education

What Fundamentals?

You cannot study the world around you without a bias towards one philosophy or another. At Aletheia, we embrace unity with diversity. Our faculty provide a learning environment for students to explore the fundamentals of Christian theology and American history and jurisprudence. We are unashamed to be rooted in the American pioneering spirit that led the Mayflower passengers to “solemnly and mutually, in the Presence of God and one another, covenant and combine ourselves together into a civil Body Politick.”
Our studies stand on the fundamentals of Christianity, of American polity, and of free enterprise.  

Get Involved

Aletheia runs camps, schools, churches and other events as part of our training programs. 

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Aletheia excels at academics.

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Online resources for education and theology. 


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Regular updates on Christianity, American politics, Education, missions, and more from Aletheia staff, faculty, and guest lectures.

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Educational Materials

We provide recommended curriculum, tools, and other resources for you to improve your teaching whether you are at home, in a school, or teaching Sunday School. 

Ministry and Theology

From classic revivalists like Edwards, Barnes, Finney, Taylor, and others to modern challenges to deepen your faith, Aletheia’s theological resources are here to help you.