ACC is devoted and dedicated to community.  From weekly community meals to chapels and ministry opportunities offered by our staff and your fellow students, your studies here will include you in a community of learning where we encourage each other to grow, ask questions, serve and seek Truth, both in our studies and ministry and in our own individual lives.  Below are a few of our community events that are available, and many of our staff members are involved in local and international ministries including elementary and secondary schools, churches and church planting and more, which are available for you to volunteer to be a part of. 

In addition to what has been mentioned, Aletheia’s staff and student government would like to support you in your own community and ministry endeavors.  We hope you’ll join us in enriching life together!

Admissions & Registration


Thanksgiving Heritage Day- The Saturday before Thanksgiving

Celebrating the life and talents of the pilgrims and pioneers of American History. 

Christmas Ministry – 1st week of December

A week of volunteering and performing in the community to raise awareness for a cause and share the gospel through music, food and fellowship.

New Years Bash – New Years Eve

The President and his wife host an evening of food, games and worship as an alternative to the usual all-nighter parties.

Passover – The Thursday or Friday before Easter (The day depends upon the calander year)

A symbolic and memorable meal for the whole family, celebrating the history of the gospel and the traditions of Israel that show us the person and character of Christ.

Idaho Gives – 1st Week of May

An exciting, 24 hour, community fundraiser.  Students, staff and faculty all participate in raising money for a school project or cause alongside hundreds of non-profit organizations in Idaho. Visit for more information and look at our May, 2014 fundraiser!

End of the Year Dinner – Scheduled for the final week of classes

This fun and intimate occasion brings our entire Aletheia community together to celebrate the past year, share memories, say our thank you’s and good bye’s, and honor those who have made academic acheivements.


Aletheia has a number of volunteer opportunities ranging from office administration to community service, where students work alongside their staff and faculty to give back to the Aletheia Community.  We also provide links to the websites of several recommended local non-profits who are always in need of volunteers.  Click on a link to be directed to the websites, Facebook’s or email addresses you will need to get involved.

Administration – If you are interested in learning the in’s and out’s of running a school or non-profit organization, jump in with our office staff to help plan school events, important fundraisers, help edit and produce newsletters and TRUE Stories, shadow our staff as they work with local businesses and more.

Admissions – Help us connect with our student body and Aletheia Community through social media, student events, Bible studies, mission trips and other volunteer activities.  Whether you are boistrous and outgoing or more reserved and quiet, there is a place for you here.

Email to get involved in Admissions or Administration.

Carmal Farms – Aid the projects at the Agricultural Outreach Center.  Working to provide year-round fresh produce for the Magic Valley and affordable-sustainable methods for gardening that can be translated to diverse environments, Carmal Farms is an excellent place to learn about the effort and creativity needed to build a business and to actively serve the community.  Carmal farms donates food to the Refugee Ministry.

Refugee Ministry – Spend evenings visiting families from all over the world, sharing the gospel and serving in whatever practical ways we can. Contact Randall Davis @ 208-320-0882. To give to this ministry you can donate from our Home Page and put “Refugee Ministry” in the memo line.

Habitat 4 Humanity – Volunteer in the local Re-store, which sells used items for decorating and construction, or help build a house for a family in need!

The Stanton Project – formerly the Pregnancy Crisis Center of the Magic Valley.  This organization is our local Christian alternative to Planned Parenthood, providing free ultrasounds and family services including adoption planning for young mothers and families who find themselves in crisis.