Why More than Homeschooling?

When I homeschooled my children, I worked with other moms to better teach our children. The first year, I taught reading to some girls down the street, I sent one of my children to the neighbors for science and art, and I hosted several families for PE at my house. The next year, we started a school in the church my husband was pastoring, with all of my children and 27 other children. I was teased about having the biggest homeschool in the area. There were two other teachers, one teacher taught grades 1-2, and two of us co-taught grades 3-5 and grades 6-7 in separate classrooms.

Why should you consider growing your homeschool into a one-room or two-room school? First, a one-room school answers some of the traditional criticisms of homeschooling, such as a need for social interaction with other children. Not only do the students socialize during recess, but their interaction during class crosses age boundaries as they work together on class projects. Second, building a school means that parents meet with other parents to have social events such as music programs, drama productions, and fundraising events. Field trips and outdoor classes enlarge the classroom to more than the four walls.

Third, in many families both parents must work to support their family. Homeschooling is not an option. But they would be able to pay a small amount towards a quality education for their children. And you could use the extra income.

Do you love to teach? Do you get excited when students discover the joy of learning? Then prayerfully consider the possibility of increasing your homeschool to include others. Do you know a parent who struggles with homeschooling? Invite them to your house for 1-2 subjects during the week. Use the opportunity to begin a community of parents who have the same passion for their beliefs as you do, but maybe need to work. Grow your one-room school slowly, but deliberately.

If you wonder where to start, we have free learning resources and a free community for people who are starting their own one-room schools. Or you can sign up for our 3 week lecture series on how to start a one-room school. 

I look forward to seeing you there!

Dr. Diane Davis