Surviving with a single-income home is difficult, if not impossible in the 2024 economy. I have witnessed homeschooling families, including myself and my wife, attempt to juggle multiple bills while working jobs that may not pay as much as others because the parents are committed to investing time in their children rather than accepting a job that pays extraordinarily and requires 24/7 availability.

When you charge $500 an hour for legal consulting, you have a difficult time telling someone that you are not going to be able to take their calls because you are taking your kids to a weekend seminar. You know that someone else will be willing to keep their phone on all weekend in order to answer that question for $500 an hour.

So, we either farm our kids out to a system that provides not just education but complete childcare or we find jobs that are ok with the occasional call-out because family priorities just conflicted with the job’s needs.

But, there are ways to invest in your kids without completely giving up one-half of a couple’s income-generating capabilities. And, if you are a single parent attempting survival AND homeschooling, I applaud you and offer you these 5 opportunities to earn an income while homeschooling your children.

One: Micro-Farming

For the purpose of earning an income, the difference between microfarming and urban farming is negligible. MorningChores has an excellent blog on microfarming and urban farming to go into more depth on specifics regarding a productive homestead.
While you can sell much of the produce that you create in your homestead, the immediate advantages are significant enough that I suggest everyone engage in some form of food growth and production in their homes. You can save money on food even if you don’t produce an overabundance and you also increase the nutrients in your food that come from farm to plate food consumption.
If you want to turn a homestead into a profitable, income generating micro or urban farm, I suggest you research aquaponics and hydroponics, vertical farming, beekeeping, local laws regarding animals, and container gardening. Your amimal husbandry will be limited by noise and pollution ordinances so consider starting  a co-op with other homeschool families if you want to produce dairy, eggs, or meat from your farming. Ideally you can make an arrangement with a family who has property and local freedom to raise the animals. Less ideal but still workable is arranging a land lease on some vacant property.

Two: Crafts as Sales and Services

I include this as a specific area that can be included in education of your children while providing you and them opportunities to earn an income. My son has sold projects from his sewing class and both my son and daughter made arrangements with their sewing teacher to pay for items they wanted through their work in the classroom.

Three: Online Sales

Four: Consulting

Five: Start a One-Room School