Accreditation Statement for Students

“I understand that Aletheia Christian College is registered with the State Board of Education in accordance with Section 33-2403, Idaho Code. I also understand that the State Board of Education has not accredited or endorsed any course of study being offered by Aletheia Christian College, and that these courses may not be accepted for transfer into any Idaho public postsecondary institution.”

Aletheia Statement

Aletheia has the privilege of training students to succeed in the mission field of life, and we voluntarily take up the responsibilities that come from this privilege.

When we have the systems in place and are certain that we can maintain independence of thought and finances from the secular education system, we will seek recognition from an accrediting agency for offering Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees.

For the immediate and foreseeable future, Aletheia Christian College offers non-accredited diplomas and certificates in Christian ministry and education.

Aletheia alumni have been accepted for accredited Master’s degree programs at Columbia University in South Carolina and at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our alumni have taught in missions schools in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Egypt, and we are expanding through online education into more countries. Students who have taken our courses, attended our Free First Tuesday’s event, or graduated from one of our programs have started One-Room Schools in Idaho and Utah, Missouri, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Texas, Egypt, and more get added every few months. We are working with other lifelong learners who want to start One-Room Schools in other states as well.

Aletheia is small but we are focused on serving our students and serving the Church worldwide.

When accreditation is a logical step from our current activities, we will pursue it, but we are committed to remaining financially independent from any FAFSA funding.