Program Description –

The purpose of the Pastoral Ministry Diploma* is to educate, equip and empower young people to preach the gospel through the shepherding ministries of the Church.

This certificate is designed to prepare a student for graduate, seminary studies or a full-time position in church ministry through the study of the Old and New Testaments, Biblical languages, theology and practical ministry. Pastoral Ministry students can focus in-class projects towards specific areas of church ministry such as youth, men’s and/or women’s ministry or traditional pastoring.  Transfer students are expected to have taken Pentateuch or an OT Survey class, Overview of the Gospels or a NT Survey class, Intro to Biblical Theology, Theories of Learning, Grammar & Sentence Analysis, Camp Ministry I & II and EDU 101, 102 & 201.

Program Length – 4 years

Diploma Earned – a 4 year Certificate in Pastoral Ministry

*Aletheia Christian College is not accredited and our diplomas do not satisfy state education criteria for teaching in a public school system. Read more about our accreditation status here.