In the last 10 years, we have built the educational community of Aletheia Christian College using volunteer and part-time labor. This gives each member of our community unique opportunities to observe life outside the “ivory tower” of academics. I recently started my 3rd job as a waiter at a restaurant and it has provided unique opportunities to think differently.

The guests I host and the other staff I work with give me the opportunity to observe life. Just last night, we were wrapping up for the night when a difficult couple came in. Sending food back, complaining verbally while having the body language of disgust, my coworker did his best to serve them and ensure they had a good night.

It was stressful. For all of us.

After the table left, they gave a $50 tip to my coworker. As we were all celebrating in the back, he turned to me and said: “You know what’s amazing about this?

“I owe $50 on my phone bill tomorrow and this is the exact amount I needed.”

I replied, “The Lord sure does work in mysterious ways.”

One of the problems that American education faces is the fact that so many educators have not had to learn from people outside our vocation. I hope that as Aletheia grows, as I and others become full-time laborers here, that we will never forget to learn from those around us.

For today, I am grateful that I was there for that moment, to bear witness to the fact that miracles still happen, if you only know where to look.