As of September 2021, Aletheia Christian College’s tuition is $280 per credit. Read more about our tuition costs here.

Work Study Program

Aletheia’s financial aid for this year will be in two forms: work-study sponsorships and the student success fund.
Work-study sponsorships will give students the ability to work towards their tuition at a rate of $12 per hour.

Work studies give students the opportunity to have paid work within the Aletheia community while working toward a 4 Year Diploma.

Student Success Fund

The student success fund is how Aletheia ensures our alumni are able to serve the church worldwide without the difficulties of school debt. Students will set up a monthly payment plan with their advisor during registration and sign a commitment to that payment. Aletheia will sponsor the remainder of the student’s cost of tuition providing the following conditions are met:

  • You have fulfilled all academic requirements for graduation from your chosen course, certificate, and/or diploma(s).
  • You have fulfilled the administrative requirements for graduation.
  • You have met the agreed upon monthly payments during the year or caught up to your commitment.
  • You have paid any non-tuition related fees and costs incurred while at Aletheia (books, housing, camp fees, etc.)

Once the conditions have been met, Aletheia will pay off the remainder of your account.

*Aletheia Christian College does not discriminate in the awarding of financial aid on the basis of national or ethnic origin, race, biological sex, or similar characteristics.