Find External Scholarships

Although Aletheia Christian College is not currently accredited, there are often outside scholarships available for Bible college, if you know where to look. The following is a list of scholarship search sites compiled by Reviews.com. 

The Best Scholarship and Search Platforms of 2018 (External Link)

The Presidential Scholarship

Awarded to eligible students in the amount of $100/student/semester.  These scholarships are designed to aid incoming students who set up payment plans, or current students who are in need of financial aid.  Scholarships are limited to a certain number of students per semester.  For more information please contact our admissions office.

Aletheia Sponsorship

Sponsorships are designed to give eligible students financial aid without debt, and to allow donors to give specifically to the student body of ACC. 

Students will be counseled and assisted in recruiting sponsors for their education from local and international sources.  Sponsors covenant to donate $50/month to ACC for a period of 1 year, during which time the student is expected to be enrolled in full time classes and actively participating in student life and community events.  If these students recruit a total of 4 sponsors ACC will partner with the student, and scholarship him/her $2400 for the year, disbursed in the amount of $1200/semester.  In addition, the student will be able to attend summer classes for only $85/credit (usually $100/credit).

Protections exist in this program for both students, sponsors and the organization. For complete information about this program or to be a sponsor or student in this program, please contact our addmissions office.

Application forms for scholarship and sponsorships will be available under My Account > Financial Aid.  Please contact the admissions office directly to apply today.


Payment plans allow students to study without immediate financial burden or long term debt.  For complete details about this program please download our General Handbook.  To enroll, follow the instructions under Students > Current Students > Step 4: Pay for classes

For information and applications please contact the admissions office directly at admissions@aletheiachristian.com

Thank you!