Graduation and Employment Statistics

Aletheia Christian College seeks to train students from every nation to think critically, teach bibically and more! We have pursued this mission for 17 years. In that time, our alumni (those who have completed at least 1 for credit course) and graduates (those who have completed an entire program of study) have truly come from all over the world and gone out to all the world. 
One of our graduates took a gap year when she was an alumni to teach in schools in Indonesia. Another graduate went on to do her Master’s Degree at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and spent a year researching in Cairo, Egypt. We have had alumni teach in Papua New Guinea, Haiti, and Turkey. Our One-Room School Intensive graduates have started schools in Oklahoma, Idaho, Texas, and Utah. 
If the graph to the left is difficult to read, our statistics stand at 63% of graduates obtaining employment within 6 months of graduating their program, and 25% going on to accredited Master’s Degree programs. Only 12% of our graduates have had longer periods of searching for “what’s next?” after graduating. Alumni statistics are harder to track because students who take a course often are just interested in that one course, not joining a community of learning (the definition of a college). As far as we have been able to track, about 10% of our alumni have gone on to obtain post-graduate degrees after finishing a 4-year program at another institution. Of our alumni, 50% have employment related to the courses they take from us; sometimes they are already employed and come to us for continuing education. Some students take our courses and use them to get employment they did not have previously. And 40% of our alumni either got employment outside their areas of study at Aletheia or did not wish to give us information regarding their further education and employment. 
So as you consider Aletheia, remember to check up on our accreditation status and don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email (