Are you interested in learning how to manage and teach in a multi-level environment? The One-Room School Intensive is Aletheia’s certification process* for teachers in our model school, Precepts Christian Academy, and we are offering it to the public.

What The Intensive Entails

The One-Room School Method intensive is a 1-year academic certificate* that covers the basics of starting and running your own one-room school.

The course list for The One-Room School Method intensive certificate is below.

One room school intensive certificate for graduates
Course NameCredit
Starting CoreLegal Issues in Christian Private Education3
Teaching in a One-Room School3
Administering a One-room school3
Introduction to Business for Non-Profit Administrators3
Scope and Sequence in The One-Room School Method3
Teaching in the One-Room School Early Literacy1
Classroom Management Seminar1
Diverse Learning in the Somatic Classroom Seminar1


*The One-Room School Intensive is not accredited and will not lead toward professional licensure for teaching in any state public school system. Aletheia Christian College is currently working towards accreditation, you can read more about our accreditation journey here.