Aletheia Christian College and the Twin Falls Nepali Church are co-hosting a youth focused Truth Conference the first week in Oct.

When I helped start Aletheia Christian College in the summer of 2007, I had no idea how much opportunities for ministry and learning would be presented to me because of my decision. In the fall of 2009 Randall and Diane Davis went to a church in Twin Falls where they met a Christian refugee family from Bhutan by way of refugee camps in Nepal for the last 18 years. After Binod and Bijay Shah invited us over for tea, we saw a need of ministry in the refugee community in downtown Twin Falls and have been working ever since to help the amazing people brought into our rural community by the CSI Refugee Center (no affiliation with ACC). Since that day we have discovered an African Swahili church, and witnessed the start of the Nepali Church, and a Burmese Church.

I have been humbled by the willingness of so many of my young friends to learn, to work and to always offer food, even when only one in a family of seven can find work.

I am learning through this process that ministry is less about a program or an institution, but it is about merely being with people in the name of Christ. Programs and institutions (in their proper place) develop to aid Christians in doing what we would do anyway.

So, if you want to come and worship in more languages then you can count in, if you want to come and help teach people to garden, to read the Bible in English, or Nepali, or Burmese, or Swahili, we are glad to offer rides. Or you can find your own way.

Feel free to email