Pastor Randy, Dr. Diane, and I were praying in the library/main classroom at Aletheia Christian College. It had been a slow period and we were wondering about our sanity in starting a college that would be affordable, not take government funds, and would serve the underreached areas surrounding Salt Lake City, Utah.

At this point in time, we were gearing up for our first semester of classes but Aletheia was still merely a dream and some paperwork.

“God, if you want us to continue doing this, please bring some money to show that there is support for this ministry.” Pastor Randy prayed.

After a few minutes the doorbell rang.

Our neighbor, at 93 years young, had been outside mowing her lawn when she felt the Holy Spirit prompt her to bring over her monthly pledge in person.


The cost of a surf and turf dinner at a mid-level restaurant. Insurance plans for cell-phones, and monthly payments for the same plan are all about $25.

This small donation from a woman still longing to listen to the promptings of the Spirit had outsized impact. Because it encouraged us to stay the course.

We trained and sent teachers to Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Egypt. Our alumni have built The One-Room School Method schools in Idaho, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, California, and we hear about more each month.

All this and more happened because of the encouragement of Erma Wall.

So, we continue to ask for $25 donations as one-time or recurring commitments to encourage Aletheia’s staff, students, and faculty as well as to honor the gift of this tremendous woman of faith.