Had an amazing time at camp. The kids are all making plans for next year. The Lord moved in ways I haven’t seen in a long time. We made great friendships and had wonderful experiences. We also got to see moose.

~Facebook Review

Last week was a tremendous time. I really missed being able to go up into the hills, to spend dedicated time together in worship and study while having no access to internet.

When you are at Camp Kumbaya, the nearest cell-phone service is at least 10 minute walk from the campground up the hill. And even then you have to stand on a specific rock at a specific time of the day, hold your hand above your head and keep only one foot touching the ground.

I am only partially joking.

I will be sharing some reviews and some what’s next posts in the upcoming days about how this year went. But suffice it to say that God still moves among us when we seek Him and quiet ourselves to hear that still small voice.