The One-Room School Method

Finding the Right Curriculum

We are often asked about curriculum: what works best for math, for reading, for science, and so on. 

Start a One-Room School in 30 Days

The Principle Approach

Founded by Rosalie Hall and Verna Slater over 50 years ago, The Principle Approach combines classical methods of education with a Biblical view of American government to form a foundation for studying all of life. 

Building Christian English

One of the most comprehensive approaches to English grammar we have interacted with, the Building Christian English series by Rod and Staff teaches comprehensive grammar skills.

Using a prescriptive methodology based off of the classics of written language, with the Bible at the center, your students will be able to learn and practice at their own pace. 


Saxon Math

“A lesson a day keeps Dr. W. away” was a phrase often heard from my lips in high school.

Saxon Math, with it’s incremental lessons, practice of concepts, and fading as fluency was reached, has helped many students succeed in math.

With each student being able to work through lessons on their own, we have run classes with 6 different levels working at the same time, successfully. 

Build Your Own

At Aletheia, we are constantly working on improving our abilities to learn and to teach. Because we are building lifelong learners, we encourage people to work on creating their own curriculum for different classes and to meet their students’ unique needs. 

Our faculty and model teachers all practice building their own notebooks, creating their own curriculum, and teaching their students how to consistently learn in God’s beautiful world.