Earlier this year, Dr. Diane Davis was praying about the concert piece for this spring’s performance by Precepts Christian Academy.

After praying, she dusted off an old concert we did over 20 years ago, Shalom Jerusalem. Originally performed by Maurice Sklar and Paul Wilbur in 1995 in Jerusalem, preparing for this concert made praying for the peace of Jerusalem a major theme for the students.

Little did Dr. Davis know when she selected this, God was using her to prophetically minister within our community, teaching the students the power of prayer and intercession.

As the students sang on Thursday the 20th of May, smiles broke out among parents as their phone notifications let them know that a cease-fire had been brokered by Egypt between Israel and Palestine.

After we announced the results of prayer, rain fell in the Southern Idaho desert, bringing new life and reminding all that God invites us to walk with Him in the midst of lack and of plenty, of tribulation and of peace.

Today we are grateful and continue to pray for peace in Jerusalem and Israel.