Whenever you pray, be prepared for the consequences.

Heading into our first prayer camp, one of our board members came down with a mysterious illness. He has not been diagnosed yet but we are praying as he might have cancer.

After camp, Covid-19 came through our community and we are still recuperating.

Counting the Cost

Working for Truth is a costly commitment: you face choices and their consequences every day. And you choose to pursue Godly living at the cost of worldly comforts.

We are committed to overcoming many problems of our world at the cost of our own comfort at Aletheia.

  • We built The One-Room School Method to give small communities the means to build quality schools at a fraction of the cost of public schooling. 
  • We are committed to graduate 100% of our student body with 0 student loans, even if we have to volunteer much of our time. 
  • We are committed to not use tax-payer funds even though it gives us less resources than many so-called private schools. 
  • And finally, we are committed to be about our mission even when we face death’s door as several of our community have done over the last two months. 

Thank you for your prayers and support in advancing the mission of Christian education here in the US and throughout the world. 

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