Our tagline, Think DIfferently, was created by one of our early alumni as a simple statement that described her experience of Aletheia’s education.

Normal Thinking

To understand the difference that Think Differently makes, we will take a short while to consider what is normal thinking in American education in 2021.

  • Woke – Normal education thinks that our status as a victim or victimizer changes what is true and meaningful.
  • Pro- State Involvement – Besides accepting trillions in guaranteed Federal loans, normal education promotes governmental intervention as a positive for everyone involved.
  • Insular – Although the status quo says that it promotes diversity, you have to think, learn, and process information in the same way to succeed in modern academia.
  • Skeptical – Rather than thinking critically and inductively applying principles to test them, normal thinking embraces skepticism as a philosophical reality.
  • Institutional – Normal thinking embraces the idea that the best thinking comes from institutions.

At Aletheia, we think differently and empower our alumni to go into the world, seek truth, and act upon the knowledge they discover.

Think Differently

Aletheia students are encouraged to think and research as individuals, understanding that private response to the guidance of the Holy Spirit is more powerful than any system of man. Rather than being woke to the identity politics of modern communism, think differently sees each individual and culture as part of the intricate tapestry create by a wonderful designer.

  • To Think Differently is to start studying something without fear of what others have thought and said before.
  • To Think Differently is to study the Bible inductively, not deducing from principles that are held by any leader in the church.
  • To Think Differently is to de-centralize education, moving away from factory education to organic learning.
  • To Think Differently is to use multi-level education to always build foundations while expanding our limitations.
  • To Think Differently is to embrace the wide diversity of multi-culturalism without falling into moral relativism.

At Aletheia, our students are not required to think the same things as the faculty or staff at Aletheia. They are required to learn the tools of scientific inquiry, the pursuit of wisdom, and an ordered, organized view of the world that reflects Genesis 1: God saw what he had made, and it was good.