It can save you money.

The Spalding method saves lots of money on curriculum as it covers every area of literacy including speech, spelling, writing, and reading. All you need to master this method is a copy of the Writing Road to Reading book . I would actually recommend the 1990 edition as it is more user friendly for beginners. The 1990 version is available via the link above is less than twenty dollars. Once you have mastered this method, you can use it every year for every grade level including high school students who need additional reading instruction, at risk students, adults, and English as second language learners. You will also need to purchase composition books for students. The smaller children will need a wide-ruled composition book. To make the phonograms, you can copy
pages from the book, or you can purchase them at All in all, there is not a lot of expense associated with this program, and you can use the money you have leftover to buy reading books.

Inattention is rarely a problem.

Whether you are teaching one student or a large class, the students’ entire attention is engaged in listening, speaking, and writing. Unlike spelling methods that simply require memorization, the Spalding method demands that students use their minds to think about what sounds they need to use to write or to read a word correctly. They must also think about the meaning of the word as they write it in a sentence. In addition, they have to put into practice good grammar rules. Even the smallest spelling student can learn to form good sentences and use proper punctuation and capitalization.

It is research-based.

The Spalding Method is based on extensive research. Studies have firmly established that early systematic and explicit phonics instruction facilitates reading success; but research also indicates that children need vocabulary development, knowledge of sentence structure, and listening skills to be good readers, all of which are part of the Spalding program. Explicit handwriting instruction is another aspect of Spalding and a necessary component for reading success as it helps students to identify specific features and placement of letters and letter combinations. Studies show that children who receive such instruction consistently score at least twenty percent higher on reading tests than those who don’t.

Learning the Spalding Method takes some time and effort initially, but once you have mastered that skill, you will always have it. Your students will become fluent readers without having to spend an enormous amount of money on a literacy curriculum, and they will have a lasting record of their work that they can be proud of.

~Debbie Hargrave