How do I work as unto the Lord and not to men? This scripture always introduces a humbling learning process when I let it, because there is always more to be done, learned, practiced or planned if I am doing ALL to the glory of God. This challenge is particularly poignant when preparing now as my wife and I are preparing to speak and recruit in Virginia Beach this next week. We are doing not only our work, but all the additional work preparing and rewriting ACC’s promotional materials. During this time it is easy to get sidetracked because of the overwhelming amount of work, but doing all unto the Lord is a great anchor. Those who trust in the Lord will run and not grow weary, and as I not only work unto Him, but trust in Him for the strength and wisdom to do each day’s work in the time allotted by my heavenly Father, the challenge to trust is a sure resting place.

If you are struggling with timing, especially in the mid-term rush of October, take time to think about how to act unto the Lord, and to trust in Him for wisdom to accomplish all the tasks set before you.