“The Mission of Aletheia Christian College is to train students from every nation to think critically, to examine God’s word thoroughly, to worship God wholeheartedly, to proclaim the gospel in word and deed, to teach Biblically and to serve the Church worldwide.”

In an age of “fake news” and “right-wing conspiracies,” critical thinking is essential for everyone. We need to be able to analyze what we study, what we are told and submit to rigorous analysis.

How can an unashamed Christian organization foster critical thinking?

We start by being honest with our own biases. We are a Christian educational community; we are rooted in American culture; we endeavor to use a biblical hermeneutic while acknowledging the movements and thinkers who have impacted us, and so on.

We continue by reading and engaging with ideas from other communities, from other worldviews. Although we have a strong worldview, we practice and teach our students to not approach a different worldview with straw man type arguments.

We encourage our students to research original sources as much as possible, to reason through likely scenarios, to relate information learned across disciplines, including the scriptures and to record the results of their own academic efforts, not ours.