Start a One-Room School in One Month

Our Preparing The Ground lecture series gives you tools to set up your classroom, to communicate The One-Room School Method, and to administer your own one-room school. 

Marketing and Finance

Legal Issues and Solutions

Teaching and Admin 

In One Month, Three Seminars, You will learn the basics of starting Your own One-Room School

In these sessions, you will hear from Dr. Diane Davis, the founder of The One-Room School Method, on how to navigate the fundamentals of starting your one-room school. What legal issues will you face as you prepare to start? What does a multi-level learning environment look like?

Each section is available as an individual course at $150 or all 3 for $300. Access to each individual course will include online resources and worksheets and access to Aletheia’s community of likeminded educators.


Questions Regarding the Course

If you do not see your question below, send an email to and your question will be answered or added to the list. 

Class Times

These seminars are available online today! You can watch at your own pace, get access to our additional materials and ask questions in one of several online communities as you go through the course. 


After Your Seminars, Get Certified Via The One-Room School Method Intensive.

Taking 1 to 2 courses a week, you can get certified and practice building everything you need to build a one-room school in 9 to 18 months. 

The One-Room School Method

Providing Families, Churches, and Concerned Citizens an Education Alternative

The One-Room School Method uses proven historical methods of education to provide an alternative that is rooted in the home and local communities. Aletheia is pioneering one-room schooling by teaching parents, church leaders, teachers, and community members how to start and run a multi-level micro school.


If you want to join the movement and start a one room school or join one already in progress, check out our resources below. You can also apply to come and observe one of our model schools or apply for the intensive, a 35 credit certificate that covers all the fundamentals of running and teaching in The One-Room School Method.

The One-Room School Methods

Click the link above to sign up for a site visit to Aletheia’s model one-room school. Space is limited. 


The One-Room School Method Resources

Click the image above to go to our online course platform for The One-Room School Method. Find free resources and sign up for classes.

One-Room School Intensive

Use the image above to read more about our 30 credit intensive and how to sign up. 

Aletheia’s Articles on The One-Room School Method