There is a problem with higher education in America. Students are graduating from college with heavy debt loads while our high school students are graduating without the basics necessary to succeed in the workforce. 

While some people may say that we need to expand public education to bachelor’s level and beyond, Aletheia is changing education by building one-room schools to revive the local culture of education. We are providing a truly private higher education for students at a fraction of the price that students are paying at nominal private schools that accept government funds.

Opportunities to Partner

If you read our Financial Aid program, you will realize that Aletheia is committed to providing a debt-free education for each of our students. In order to provide world-class education without ensconcing our alumni in debt, it will require partners who see our vision and our mission and support it.

We have other options available for giving but we want to give you the opportunity to take part in providing better education at a fraction of the price of government-supported institutions. You can read more about our financial aid packages on our website but the important thing to note is the fact that 100% of our students will leave Aletheia debt-free through our volunteerism and through your support. 

Please join us this year as we re-introduce education to higher education. 

You can give via the donors’ page on our website or check out our events page for upcoming opportunities.