Why does a college run a K-12 school? For those of you who like me, graduated from LCA in years passed, this question is easily answered, but for the rest of you all, where do I begin? What has convinced us that education in America and throughout the world is grossly misguided? How do we think we have a better alternative? These are the questions I ask before speaking in front of churches, before talking to prospective students, parents and volunteers.

Where do I begin? Do I begin with the hopes and desires of a 5 year old boy attending school for the first time? Do I begin with the joy and relief of finishing college Calculus in 11th Grade? Do I begin with the competition for National Merit Scholarships, AP Scholarships, or Music Scholarships? Do I begin with working as a Page for the Idaho House of Representatives? These are all part of my story. These are all part of my educational experience, but they do not motivate me.

Do I begin with the experience of witnessing a 14 year old boy read his first word? Do I start with the memories of first generation college students, of learning disabled students who “would never learn to read” graduating from college? These are all events that I can bear testimony to, but they barely scratch the surface of why one room principled education is needed so sorely in the world right now.

Yesterday I wrote concerning my heart for working at ACC, today I am introducing the need for our model school, both here, and reproduced through the world. This is a deeper need and harder to express. There is so much to say about Liberty Christian Academy and its affects during its first 14 years (when I graduated) and also during its current implementation.

Over the next week, I will start with history, move on to the examples I have seen in my time as a member of the educational movement here in southern Idaho, and end with the vision and hopes I have for the one room school movement. I hope you join me.