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In the fall of 1990, Liberty Christian Academy opened its doors to elementary and high school students in Southern Idaho. The school was purposed for the raising up of courageous men and women of truth, to gain the moral stamina and intellectual tools to be pioneers of the gospel. It's  founders, Pastor Randall and Diane Davis, believed that the daily interaction in a student’s life that school brings is one of the most influential experiences of a child’s life.  High academic standards and an emphasis on arts and music over sports made LCA one of the leading schools in Southern Idaho, even though they were not accredited. While success was wonderful, at the heart of the school was a very simple but passionate desire to teach children. The true beginning of Liberty was at Diane's kitchen table, laboring to teach her learning disabled son to read after a learning psychologist had told her he would never be able to do more than manual labor. It did not take long for other parents to   entrust their own children to Diane's skillful teaching and the school opened grades 1-6 a year later. It was always Randy and Diane’s intention to build the school directly into a college for the continued education and training of teachers, pastors, and missionaries, raising the standards for collegiate education on an international level. Though it was several years and some big transitions later, Aletheia Christian College began its first classes in the fall of 2008, again in the home of President Randall and Diane Davis, now Dr. Diane, Dean of Education.

First named Albion Christian College after an old, brick college campus tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, the school was a dream come true for these two long time educators. Supported by a board of experienced and influential men and women from across the country, Randy and Diane   began to teach courses with a wholistic method of study that integrates the truths of God's word with college academics. In 2009 Albion was renamed Aletheia, meaning “Truth”, and after spending several years in Twin Falls the school moved it's campus and library to Jerome, Idaho, in the center of the Magic Valley. ACC is registered as a proprietary school with the  State of Idaho and is pursuing accreditation as part of its long term goals.

Psalm 29:18, “For lack of vision the people perish.” The vision of ACC begins with community. We recruit local students, host homeschool and family events throughout the Magic Valley, and grow and maintain an active relationship with the many refugee communities in Twin Falls. A developing English as a Second Language program at ACC promises to continue opening doors for this community, including higher education opportunities. Model schools in the community operate with the assistance and training of ACC faculty, providing homeschool help in primary academics, as well as music and arts, and other extracurriculars. These schools are also a training ground for teachers pursuing education and ministry diplomas with Aletheia. The Aletheia vision expands to national and international communities, including a partnership with Youth With a Mission’s Teachers for the Nations, and Petrescue Bible Institute in Cairo, Egypt.  These schools are kindred spirits with Aletheia, and we work together to promote education and ministry across the globe, equipping all ages for the service of the Kingdom of God. 

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