Aletheia is in the midst of recruiting season and it can be too easy to push people to come to Aletheia.

High school guidance counselors, college admissions reps, and well-meaning parents are trying to help you choose what to do after high school, and it can seem like a lot.

Avoid Getting Pushed

Many of the reasons that people give for students to go to college after high school are bad reasons. 

If any of the following 4 reasons are why you are considering Aletheia, I highly urge you to reconsider. Not only reconsider Aletheia, but maybe reconsider whether college is where God wants you right now. 

First – Getting A High Paying Job

There is a myth floating around high schools. The myth states that the secret to a long, successful career is a college education. 

The secret to a long, successful career is to practice doing things that people need. 

Start apprenticing as a plumber or electrician. 

Wait tables 60 hours a week and start your own restaurant. 

If you only want money, start working as soon as possible. 

Second – You Want to Hang Out in a Fun Setting

Aletheia’s campuses are not designed to provide you with great entertainment. We locate our campuses where there is a need for education: in the rural towns and urban cores of the United States. You can find pretty outdoor settings or pick up a game of ball, but these are not our reason to exist. If you want a great party atmosphere we are not the school for you. 

Aletheia focuses on teaching and training. We do teach rest and recreation, but that is a very small part of our community of learning. Want to learn to work better, harder, and faster while enjoying every rest you get? 

Consider Aletheia.

Want to just hang out for four years and graduate with memories that will last a lifetime? Not Us. 

Third – You Want to Low-Key Study

Aletheia’s alumni have taught in missions schools, local churches, and gone on to earn Master’s degrees. 

We exist to provide excellence in spirituality, in academics, in leadership, in research, in setting the foundation for your successful life. 

We don’t really do low-key.

Fourth – You Want All Your Questions Answered Simply

There is a time and place for simple answers. We use catechisms to provide answers to important questions, we use worldviews to provide a point of view that interprets everything through a specific viewpoint. 

But, advanced education like a 4 year degree at Aletheia teaches students to research their own questions and answers. Starting with the greatest library of all time, the Bible, we practice reasoning, researching, relating our studies across all aspects of life, and recording our observations so that others can engage with them. 

Aletheia teaches our students to reason through the important issues facing individuals and society today. We teach you to find hard answers to difficult questions while learning to take difficult scenarios and simply them for others. 

We teach you to research to create solutions for problems humanity has not even faced yet. We teach you to engage with God through scriptures and nature so that you are equipped to lead others wherever your career may take you. 

The answers our staff and faculty have to your questions are not nearly as important as the answers God will lead you to. 

If intense study founded in an inductive approach to the Bible and to all of God’s creation sounds like something you’re interested in, Aletheia might be the college for you.